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Tank Maintenance

913 E.G. Miles Parkway Hinesville, GA 31313 (912) 877-FISH Click here for an interactive map and directions.

Fish World and Pet Shop opened November 9th 2007, with over 2,100 square feet it is the largest pet shop within a 100 mile radius.




NO TO H.R. 669 

Fish Word and Pet Shop is a one stop pet supply shop. We offer you the best shopping experience possible by offering a wide variety of quality dog supplies, cat supplies, and other supplies for whatever type of animal you own. We offer some of the lowest prices on pet supplies on the net. We have beds, toys, crates, feeding systems, containment systems, and hundreds of other pet products that you might need to raise a pet in a happy environment. Our site features thorough information on all the pet supplies we carry, all at the lowest prices anywhere! Click below to browse our Online Catalog 

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Fish World and Pet Shop is a "family owned and operated" pet store that specializes in Fresh Water and Salt Water Fish. We also carry a wide selection of reptiles, small animals and birds. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your pet questions. We are a full line pet shop stocking both animals and supplies and offering everything you need from start to finish to keep your pets healthy and happy for years to come.  We feel a real pet store should have pets, and we enjoy our role of getting people together with pets.

Fish World and Pet Shop is the nicest and largest pet shop in the area. Fish and pets are our business. Started in 1974 Fish World came to life due to the love Iris Spradley had for fish and animals and a special interest for people with pets. After 16 years in the business, she retired, not knowing that her son and daughter, John and Patricia Spradley, would bring this much loved business back to life in 2007. Our goal is to be the highest quality, cleanest pet store in the area. We strive to carry healthy, well-cared for pets. We want to help our customers find the right pet as well as answer any questions regarding the care of that pet.

Be sure to come in and see our variety of pets, fish and supplies available. Fish World and Pet Shop have both Fresh water and Salt water Tropical fish. We also have a fine selection of food for your pet as well as any other supplies you may need.

Fish World and Pet Shop offers the largest Fresh Water central system around with over 146 tanks. We also offer the largest Salt Water system around with over 100 tanks.

We are the first and only aquarium shop in the area to use the top of the line Central Life Support System by Pro Clear. Once we decided to open, we only wanted the best for our customer; therefore, the Pro-Clear central life support system was chosen for our tank set-up systems. Two central Systems were installed for both the fresh water and salt water system. We also went one step further and installed a Commercial Reverse Osmosis DI system. This system goes a stage beyond Reverse Osmosis. The RO-DI system incorporate solid sediment and carbon block pre-filtration, and advanced Thin Film Composite (TFC) RO membrane, and custom-formulated mixed bed deionization cartridge. The result is laboratory grade purified water, suitable for demanding ultra-high purity applications.  By further processing RO water through mixed-bed deionization cartridges, even those difficult to remove chemicals are reduced to virtually undetectable levels.   This process makes the ideal water for aquarium set-ups.
Some might say this is a little over kill on our part, but we only want to offer our customers the best. You can rest assured that any fish or supplies that you buy from our store, are the best on the market. We stand behind what is sold and know that by offering the best to the customer, they will become more then just customers. They will become part of the Fish World and Pet Shop family. We love our pets and want you to do the same.
With over 16 years of experience, we will have the knowledge for all your pet needs. We look forward to meeting you and providing the top of the line pet service for you. If you cannot find an item, you need ask about our special order program. We want our customers to feel like Fish World and Pet Shop is their special place where everyone shares their love of animals.



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